Tablet counting machines

Tablet counting machine ICU-2-80

Tablet counting machine ICU-2-80

High Speed bulk tablet counting machine , that can reach 80bpm (100 count) 100bpm (<60 count)
Tablet counting machine ICU-1-40

Tablet counting machine ICU-1-40

High Speed bulk counting machine , that can reach 40bpm (100 count) 60bpm (<60 count)

Benefits of vision-based bulk counting

Small Footprint:

The invention of bulk counting, and the fact that there is no need to  separate over multichannel, resulted in the smallest machine in the market in terms of footprint (L: 1200 W: 600 for 80bpm machine).

Insensitivity to Dust:

The counting unit is separated from the tracks, which means significantly reduced dust accumulation. Once the dust accumulates on the counting unit, the system provides an alert. Cleaning takes no more than 15 seconds with no need to disassemble the counting unit which is not a contact part.

Magnetic Flap Connection:
The vision based system incorporates a magnetic flap connection to minimize dust effects. Flap movement is achieved by a step motor enabling constant position and speed validation of the flaps.

Easy Cleaning and Changeover:
With the vision based system, all contact parts are designed for tool free release in accordance with GMP design. The machine's small lightweight parts, the fact that the counting unit is separated from the track, and that contact parts regulation doesn't apply, resulted in the fastest existing cleaning process. By using a spare contact part kit, changeover from one product to the next can take around 5 minutes, compared to 1 hour for old generation machines. Moreover in-process cleaning is required only once in 8 hours and in extreme dust conditions.  

Detection Capabilities:
The vision based system provides accurate and automatic broken tablet detection. The machine can detect broken pieces as small as 0.5mm. Once a rejected tablet is detected (due to either breakage or size variation), filling of that specific container is halted and the container is immediately sent to the reject station, saving time and money. Other detection capabilities are size variations and overlapping detection

No Blind Spots:
The machine design enables the operator to observe each product unit from the hopper to the bottle, significantly reducing the risk of cross contamination

Automatic Product Setup:
Automatic product calibration is performed when products are placed on a specially design calibration tool, and scanned by the camera. All tablet data (size, shape, etc.) is set automatically, resulting in a very simple and accurate new product setup procedure, avoiding costly human errors.

User-friendly PC Based Operation:
The vision-based bulk counting machine is operated through a color, touch panel PC based system. Both internal and external machine functions are controlled through a single HMI in an unmatched standard.

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