Industrial components Counting

Following its success in the Diamonds & Jewelry, Seeds and Pharmaceutical industries, DATA is now providing counting solutions for the small parts sector and presenting a new generation of counting technology.

The small parts counting systems can handle a wide variety of objects from different industries such as the hardware industry, Medical industry, Fashion, Dental, Aerospace, Toys and even small components used in the Military.

DATA's core technology is based on real-time image processing of multiple objects as they fall. This technology enables fast, accurate and reliable bulk counting and packaging of small items.
The system can handle a wide variety of objects, from seeds,pharmaceutical and chemical products to electronics, metal injection molding and small mechanical parts.

With DATA's systems, products do not need to be separated over separate lines, nor do they
need to be fed one by one or paced at specific intervals, as is often the case in conventional counting systems, they are in fact counted in bulk.

Counting rates of up to 25,000 objects per minute can be achieved for different shaped objects as small as 0.5mm, while the systems' advanced mathematical algorithms ensures nearly 100% accuracy.

DATA's Bulk counting technology is based on a 'Free-Fall' concept, in which objects pass through the detection unit vertically, while maintaining a continuous uniform falling rate.

The system can be used for several applications:

DATA's integration kit enables easy integration with a bagging system, delivering a complete counting and bagging solution for commercial packaging.

Inline integration
: DATA's counting head can be integrated into a production line, providing rapid object count (such as during quality control processes).

Inventory management: DATA's stand-alone counters are designed to perform small to
medium counts, offering a simple solution for fast and accurate counting.

Small Parts Counters (counters for small parts) are designed to count large quantities of components, and therefore are ideally suited for component manufacturers, distributers, and of course end users.

In addition, the integrated model is designed to match a variety of packaging machines, delivering a complete counting and packaging solution.

Available products:

Integrated counting kit

Standalone counters

Counting movies

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