Small Parts Counters

DATA's Tabletop Counters are based on DATA's patent Bulk counting technology, delivering a high-speed, accurate counting solution.

By using advanced image processing technology, DATA's counters reach superior resolution, thus, counting objects as small as 0.5mm, in counting rates ranging up to 25,000 objects per minute (counting speed is subject to object size, features and calibration).

DATA's Tabletop Counters are designed for a wide range of industries, such as: Electrical Components, Electronics, Capacitors, Cables, Connectors, Medical Devices, Healthcare, Fasteners and fittings, Hardware and DIY, Plastic and Mouldings, Watches & Glasses and many other small objects.

Main Features:
• Accuracy (actual count): 99.5-100%
• Object variety: One system can count numerous object types
• Minimal mechanical adjustments when changing objects
• Easy to operate
• Low maintenance and Easy to clean

Main Benefits:
• Enhanced inventory management
• Eliminate need to overfill- Products are saved for future orders
• Reduced order processing time- Ability to process new orders
• Manual labor replaced by machines- Reduced labor costs
• Rapid Return on Investment (ROI)

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data count s-25 for counting small parts as elecrtonic parts, plastic components, DIY etc
DATA Counter U-25

bowl feeder counter for small parts
DATA Counter B-25

DATA Counter U60B
DATA Counter U-60B

DATA Count&Fill U-25

DATA Count&Fill U-60

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