Multi Head Seed Counters

Responding to market demand, DATA launched a new counting solution series that can be integrated with existing packaging machines.

DATA's integrative multi head seed counter series offers a focused investment in a core counting system, leveraging existing packaging machines.

Features & Benefits:
  • Easily integrates with existing/new packing machine
  • Replaces weight filling or volumetric dosing systems with industrial counting machine
  • Configuration fits packaging machine speed

DATA Count S-260

DATA Count S-260

A two channel counting machine ideal for companies who wish to upgrade their seed processing procedures by integrating a counting system with their existing packaging machine.
Counting rate: Up to 15 bags of 1,000 tomato seeds per minute
DATA Count S-460

DATA Count S-460

A four channels counting machine for industrial packaging that can integrate with an existing or new packaging system using a simple protocol.
Counting rate: up to 27 bags of 1,000 tomato seeds per minute.
DATA Count S 660

DATA Count S 660

A multi-channel counting system designed to count massive quantities of seeds, ideally suited for key players in the seed industry who need to pack hundreds of millions of seed packages every season.
Counting rate: Up to 38 bags of 1,000 tomato seeds per minute.

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