Tablet Counting Technology

Since our early days back at 2002, we have been developing cutting edge counting technologies.
At the diamond and jewelry industry we managed to develop and manufacture the first precise diamond counter, following with a series of products that count stones as small as 0.5 mm and with a precision of 99.9%.

Once we have positioned our products in the diamond market with numbness success stories within industry leaders we have expended to the global seed industry providing counting solutions with unmatched speed and accuracy transforming existing filling and packaging procedures from weight based to count based .

With a product line of over 14 new products providing counting, filling and packaging. From nurseries and laboratories to the top 10 multinational seed manufactures .

in order to pack their products, most Pharmaceutical companies rely on slat, vibratory or rotary wheel technologies. Although these machines defer from one another in their counting method and speed, the main similarity lays in the fact that each machine counts one tablet at a time.

Vibratory Feed tablet counters, also known as 'Electronic vibratory', use feeding channels in which the tablets align in one form, passing through the scanning area one by one. This technology, although being flexible to changes in the tablet types, requires large standing area, and is difficult to maintain.

Using a rotary wheel combines both cavities and a track system. Reaching the desired tablet count per bottle requires the present of track quantity with accordance to the required number of tablets per bottle, therefore this type of machine is dramatically larger than other counting machines, and requires large surface place.

The slat counter, however, uses special cavities in order to count the tablets. This technology is relatively faster than the electronic vibratory, however, as each cavity is set to match specific tablet type, changing between tablet requires cavities changing, therefore although the counting procedure can be done quickly, the necessity of changing cavities results in long and complicated procedures.

Examining existing technology, we at DATA Detection Technologies realized that the Pharmaceutical solid packaging industry lacks a hi-tech tablet counter that can fully meet market needs.

Bearing that in mind, DATA developed the ICU Tablet Counters series, using advanced real time image processing technology we managed to develop and implement tablet counting in bulk.

Instead of using several narrow tracks which conveys one tablet at a time due to past scanning limitations,DATA's image processing technology enables wide track counting of multiple objects at once, eliminating the need for separating the tablets before counting.Providing for the first time bulk tablet/capsule counting with 3 times the output per footprint.

Bench-top and Laboratory tablet, capsules and pellets counters:
  • PH-JR: Pellet and tablet counter
      High Speed tablet counting and packaging systems:  
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