DATA's Funnel Adaptor

DATA's Count & Fill S-60 semi-automatic model provides significant value in processing medium-size orders timely and efficiently. As the counting machine fills the bags and rotates, the operator is free to attend to other activities such as bag-sealing etc.
DATA Count & Fill S-60 supports both large and small bags, with the carousel’s height able to adjust accordingly. For further convenience and to ease the process of inserting small bags, DATA has introduced the DATA's Funnel Adaptor.

DATA's Funnel Adaptor is connected to the funnels that fill the bags with seeds, narrowing the funnels’ diameter and thus making it easy to use the machine with small bags.

A set of Funnel Adaptors contains 30 adaptors that are easy to connect and remove, making it even easier than before to use the machine.



Seed Counting, Seed Packaging