Autobag & DATA - out of the box counting solution

Autobag & DATA have presented for the first time the combined out of box solution, for small parts counting at the EMPACK 2014 Trade Show on the 24-25th of September , 2014 in Brussle.
The new and innovative solution offers:
  • Different quantity counting in table mode
  • 99.5 counting accuracy
  • Different shape objects counting
  • Auto calibration of new objects
  • Counting objects of 0.5mm-20mm
  • Counting Rate up to 25,000 objects per minute
  • Capability of excel work planes uploading
  • Semi and Fully automatic modes working with a bagging machine
  • Bag opening detector
and more...
The new packaging & counting machine will be presented at the Macropak Trade Show as well, September 30- October 3 2014, Utrecht Netherlands

Seed Counting, Seed Packaging