DATA Count S-260

DATA Count S-260 is part of DATA's integrative industrial seed counter series, providing the opportunity to upgrade seed processing procedures by integrating a highly accurate seed counter with an existing packaging machine.DATA Count S-260 is a part of DATA's integrative industrial seed counters series

Following a simple protocol, DATA's S-260 integrative industrial seed counter can be easily integrated with existing or new packaging machines, providing a comprehensive and modern counting and packaging system.

  • Two tracks system
  • Counting range: 1-25 mm
  • Can be integrating with existing or new packaging machine
  • Pneumatic reject system
  • Air system protection on each detection unit
  • Can be installed either directly or on a mobile frame
  • Delivers nearly 100% accuracy
  • Controls stock through actual rather than estimated counts
  • High return on targeted investment
The DATA Count S-260 can be supplied with or without a frame

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