DATA Count S 25 PLUS - Seed Counter

Seed counter for cans or boxes DATA count research r-25 can interface with related devices -  Scale, Barcode reader, Label printer  

DATA count r-25 can be interfaced with related devices -  Scale, Barcode reader, Label printer and pedal  
DATA’s S-25 PLUS seed counter quickly and accurately counts seeds as small as 0.5 mm and up to 18 mm, replacing the costly imprecision of weighing solutions. The machine is designed to count large quantities of seeds and is ideally suited for seed manufacturers, traders and plant nurseries which need to count different sized seeds as fast and as accurately as possible.

DATA Count S-25 PLUS:
  • Ultimate Resolution - Counts seeds as small as 0.5 mm
  • Auto and Real Time Calibration - Can be automatically calibrated with minimal training for faster amd more accurate counting.
  • Manual Adjustment - Manual control during the filling process
  • Auto TSW - Automatic calculation of TGW/TSW/TKW
  • ~ 100% accuracy
  • Fast counting
  • User friendly interface
  • Two counting modes: free count and batch count
  • Manual and automatic calibration modes
  • User-switchable while counting
  • Foreign object detection
  • Multi-language user interface
  • Overfilling alert
  • Fast emptying
  • Remote control mode
  • Can be incorporated in an automatic filling machine
  • Air system protection on the detection unit
Average counting speed capabilities (in seconds)




Cherry Tomato 4 8 20 90
Tomato 5 12 20 95
Pepper 7 15 30 120


   Vegetable seeds coutning movies

   Field crop seeds counting movies

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