Data Count S-25 + Carousel 30 Funnels

DATA's combination of S-25 model with 30-Funnels Carousel unit quickly and accurately counts seeds as small as 1 mm, automatically filling separate bags with the desired quantities.
This highly reliable filling machine was developed for seed manufacturers and suppliers that require counting and packing precise numbers of seeds as part of their daily production process.

The DATA Count S-25 + Carousel 30 funnels is equipped with one carousel, continuously rotating until the order is complete.

  • Counting range: 1-18 mm
  • 30 funnels per carousel
  • Option for manual filling
  • New feature: Adjustable for cans or boxes.
DATA Count & Fill S-25 seed counting and filling machine
  • Delivers nearly 100% accuracy
  • Enables reassignment of labor to more complicated tasks
  • Ideal for semi-automatic packaging of medium size orders
  • Low maintenance and easy to clean
Average counting speed capabilities
            (bags per minute)



Cherry Tomato 15 8 3 0.66
Tomato 12 5 3 0.6
Pepper 9 4 2 0.5


  Value added product

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