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Seed Industry

Seed counters
Semi-Automatic Seed Counters
Automatic Seed Counters
Integrative Seed Counters
Case Studies
View our new seed counting movies:
Tomato, Carrot, Melon
Rice, Barley, Quinoa


NEW UPDATES- Pharmaceutical Industry

DATA Detection Technologies Ltd. is pleased to annouce the launch of its new breakthrough technology
in tablet counting: DATA Bulk tablet counter ICU 2-80

Additional products for the pharmaceutical industry:

 pallet and tablet counter
DATA Count PH-50 tablet and capsule counter 
DATA Bulk Tablet Counter series

Diamond & Jewelry


DATA Diamond Count

Small Parts Counting

Data Technologies provides advanced counting filling and packaging equipment for the pharmaceutical, seed and diamond industries. Our product portfolio includes filling , counting and packaging machines (e.g. seed counters, diamond counters, tablet counters, etc.)
Jewelry & Diamond Counting
Weighing and counting systems
for diamonds & jewelry
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Seed Counting
Seed Counters and solutions for
filling & packaging equipment.
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Pharmaceutical counting
Solutions for pharmaceutical industry tablet counting
& packaging equipment
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Small parts counting
Bulk counters for small parts in a wide range of industries
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